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Shane is a crazy guy with a crazy dream. He wants to kill the shadow hanging over SEO by doing things right, but also he wants to not only explain why SEO alone is not enough but show what can be done by putting eggs in multiple baskets. Don't get me wrong, we still utilise SEO, we just don't rely on it as the be all end all. Maybe it is a crazy dream, but take advantage of the quality leads him and his team will get you in their pursuit of it.

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Digital Marketing done right, Digital Marketing done the Sparta Digital way


The 4Ms are the power behind Sparta Digital. We don't just Market your website, we Make it anew, then we Manage it so it stays at its peak performance. And when all is said and done why help your Master the skills needed to stay on top. As SEO is to Digital Marketing, a single M is to the 4Ms. One alone may move the needle, but you need the set to conquer your market online.

About Sparta Digital

The Sparta Digital Mission

In the current landscape of the Internet, in Australia as well as abroad, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is not enough anymore, if it ever was. Not only are Search Engine Algorithms changing constantly, but putting all your eggs in the SEO basket is unwise, and hence an SEO only strategy leaves you open and naked to the algorithms.

Your best tactic: Make your website pages and content for humans not wholey and soley for the current algorithm.

This is where Sparta Digital can help you.

Our mission at Sparta Digital is simple: we’re here to build your online business from top to bottom and do all we can to help you make more sales.  We don’t just aim to get you in the top 5 and say the day’s over. No, ranking your website is only a part of our Battle Plan.

Every Battle Plan that Sparta makes considers many traffic sources from a complete digital marketing perspective. The job isn’t over until you connect with your audience and get the traffic you deserve.

Our Brand Goals

Sparta Digital has a goal: to get you online sales.  Everyone wants to be the best, but we want our clients online presence to be the best it can be. We want you to stand at the peak, and stand there with you, knowing we helped you get there.

Our digital marketing techniques are ever-evolving. We are citizens of the digital space and born digital! As we learn more about the landscape, we also shape our strategies to fit what you need currently.

In Sparta Digital, there’s no sacred technique. We will adopt digital marketing strategies that work for your specific business. We analyse and test constantly so if a strategy start to slip we jump in and further optimise it, or drop it for a new, more effective alternative.

In a digital world where having you show up top in search engines is not enough, we’re here to make you stand out. Our methods center around your users, turning them into leads. We don’t waste your time and money to get you on the front page only to get you empty traffic.   We won’t stuff your report with useless search terms that don’t help you, just to make for a better looking result.

Why We Don’t Stop At SEO

At Sparta Digital, SEO is just a tool for us. It’s not everything that we have – and it shouldn’t be. We are well away of the stigma with SEO consultants and we know like any industry there are con-men and women dragging down the industry with them.  We are also aware of those who are legit but feel they need to use smoke and mirrors to impress, and that they too are damaging the reputation of SEO. We are neither, we are transparent, we’re not out to make a quick easy buck and most importantly we’re here to serve you best and make a long term living doing so.  All that said, we at not SEO consultants posing as Digital Marketers, we are Digital Marketers who at times wear an SEO hat.  The old adage of don’t put all your eggs in one basket can’t be more true than when speaking of Digital Marketing.  SEO is a tool, like a screwdriver, and like a screw diver you can’t use just this one tool to build your whole house.

People-connected brands.

Our digital marketing focuses on getting your brand infornt of people and encouraging them to interact with your brand. We want to convince them of the value of your services or products through holistic content and strategy. With our holistic approach, we take care of what your audience wants and help you get what you want.

Search intent based keyword reseach. Quality content. Website management. Social casting. E-Mail marketing. Reputation management. Social interest.

We do everything you need to make sure your brand builds the authority it deserves. We’ll make sure that your digital space provides the most value to your target audience and build your good reputation for all to see.

We Evolve To Fight The Battles For You

Sparta Digital is here to help your brand get the recognition it deserves. Our team will go the extra mile to get you in front of a large audience. Our digital marketing will help you create a lasting impression on the people who matter to you.

For Sparta Digital, your brand matters. Your audience matters. You matter.

Yes we do SEO – but it does not define who we are. We don’t stop learning. We don’t stop evolving.

All this to make sure that you get the leads that you deserve. We fight your online marketing battles for you so you can do what you do best; serve your customers.

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