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- What benefits differentiate you from everyone else in the market? - Which features differentiate you as unique in market? - How is it better than any other option for the customer? -- Including doing nothing at all. - What customer “pains” do you solve? How? -- Apainisaproblemthatcausescustomerdistressofsomesort without your solution. Only you can solve this pain
(In other words, as it relates to your product/service, what keeps them up at night?)
Everyone is NOT a target ( Think Age range, income level, gender, occupations, etc ) You can have more than one – the more information the better
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A commitment to a bigger contribution in the world is not only personally inspiring, it makes you and your business much more attractive to customers, team members, partners, and mentors. Consider the bigger contribution you'd like to make in the world, then clarify and focus it, so you can easily communicate it to everyone you meet in the future.

(how is your product or service making the worl a better place?)
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