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Short answer: Not always!  The process of getting traffic for the sake of traffic is a poor choice of tactic.  We want customers and customers come from leads and leads come from TARGETED traffic.   We're all about Targeted Traffic at Sparta Digital.

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Digital Marketing done right, Digital Marketing done the Sparta Digital way


The 4Ms all play a part in the Traffic Generation process. You Market your site to get traffic. You Make your site appealing to users so they don't "bounce" off your site. You Manage your site's security and hosting uptime so users are greeted by a smiling website and not a white screen of death. Last but not least you Master the skills to keep users coming back over and over again.

Traffic Generation

The question of traffic generation boggled the minds of many a business owner since the internet become a part of life. Ask a business owner and they’ll tell you that they want more customers, more sales, more leads, more prospects. We also want that for you at Sparta Digital, hence why we target traffic generation!

What Is Traffic Generation?

So, what is traffic generation? To put it simply, traffic generation is marketing your site to get an increase in visitors and prospects. Having visitors is one thing, but that’s an empty statistic. What we want for you are customers.


Visitor traffic can only get so far. Visitors can give you more authority in search engines, more chances for a sale, and even help you rank. That’s it.

Generating customers is a different story. Customers are the people who will buy something. These are the people who are showing interest in what you have to offer.

Our traffic generation efforts don’t stop at getting you huge visitor numbers.  Statiscally speaking the more vistors the more customers right?   Wrong!  We don’t just generate traffic, we generate the right traffic for you in increased numbers.  Traffic generation for the sake of traffic is a poor goal.  Our traffic generation is about quality, not quantity beacuase as we all know, quality makes sales, quantity without quality makes vistors.  And Visitors alone won’t pay the bills, no matter what those scammy posts on Facebook say.

Sparta Digital wants traffic generation that builds a following. We want to generate traffic from people who care about your brand.

How Does Sparta Digital Do Traffic Generation?

How will Sparta Digital do traffic generation for you?

We offer Digital Marketing Battle Plans.

Battle Plans are bespoke techniques, custom made to fit what your website and business needs. We start with Search Engine Optimization, building the foundation of the site itself. We’ll position your website as an authority in your field to the search engines through things like solid markups, schema, onpage optimisations, keyword placement and excellent targeted content. During this we never lose sight of rule number 1:  Websites are for people, not (ro)Bots.

We improve your SEO not only to get the attention of search engines but also to get you customers. Our research techniques take into account search intent – what people are looking for online. Sparta Digital, with your help, makes your website what people are looking for online.

We also do Content Syndication, which is connecting your voice to different platforms. Your content receives optimisation from our Spartans, experts in their field that help create content that your audience would love.

The combination of SEO, high-quality content, and Content Syndication can help you in many ways.

For brands who rely on Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing, we provide a solid foundation that boosts your paid advertising, helping reduce the cost of your ads and help increase their impressions.

For brands who rely on social media marketing, Sparta Digital’s content strategy is there to hook your customers.

Sparta Digital’s Battle Plan is for your brand and your customers. Our careful alchemy of SEO, content, and digital marketing strategies are here to get you the most loyal customers out there.

Sparta Digital is ready to build you up and help you increase the lifetime value of your users. Are you ready?

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